Reason or Results - Reasons or Results! Beware!! are ripping preople off!

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Beware of the scams…

Its a real shame this company promotes providing top notch service yet it's customer service staff is lacking! I have been trying to get results rather then reasons and excuses from this company since November last year after their company failed to follow through on the services they sold me.

To top this off, i attended another one of their events when i purchased a ticket from someone who had an extra ticket and now this company has stolen more of my money claiming the ticket i purchased needed to be purchased through them and they have charging me again for the same ticket…

For a moment, It seemed this company realised that they were at fault and Lynnette Szabo wrote me this email On 15 Mar 2013, at 17:18, Lynnette Szabo wrote:

"Please allow us 2 weeks to process your refund."

Yet i have only received a small partial payment as they claim their accounting department is trying to deal with it... which has taken over 9 months so far... For a company who promotes "Reasons or Results", they are surly lacking!

Be very careful when giving this company your bank account details, they have stolen thousands of £'s from my bank account and are continually coming us with excuses as to why they have not returned it!

It is a real shame this is turning into a legal and social issue due to very poor "customer service" and follow through on promises.

All of this can be dealt with on a professional level if they would do as they claim they can and will...

Review about: Millionaire Mind Success Resource.



I have had a bad experience too, they take your money quickly though. I am writing my own report, people need to kow the truth behind the hype.

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